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Go Where The Work Takes You With Sage Construction Anywhere

New from Sage Construction and Real Estate, Sage Construction Anywhere will make it easy for you to execute tasks and access critical project information no matter where you are. These web-based, construction/real estate management-specific services will extend the reach of your data in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. New capabilities were recently added to collect, review and approve employee time worked on projects via mobile devices can help you ditch paper timesheets and speed up your job costing and payroll processes.

By pairing Sage Construction Anywhere with its back-office financial and operations software, Sage is now extending its reach to the field to help contractors mobilize project information, simplify field-to-office communication and streamline job costing, payroll and other key operational processes. With web-based, secure and timely exchange of project information, you and the Sage network of more than 40,000 customers will be able to better manage your projects, communicate between team members and vendors, and deliver information whenever and wherever it's needed—in the office, on the jobsite, or at a client's office. Call CPA Technology at
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Product Features



Using a mobile app, employees or supervisors can submit employee time worked on a project quickly and efficiently using an iPhone or Android device. Simply log the hours and the type of hours worked, overtime for example, and link the time submitted to job cost codes.

By going paperless, your superintendents, project managers and payroll administrators can then review, adjust and approve employee time submissions electronically – shortening review time and ensuring reporting accuracy. With collected employee time stored in the cloud, your managers have the flexibility to review time submissions whenever and wherever it makes sense – whether via an iPad on the job site or using a PC in the office. Once approved, employee time can be shared with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate to jumpstart payroll and job costing processes.

Project reporting—request
and delivery
Save time, improve decisions, and enhance client service with mobile access to project reporting that provides project team members with real-time access to job cost and project management information.
Project Files Provide the entire project team the ability to share and access the latest project documents, drawings and photos online, from anywhere.
Connector for
Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate
Ensure that key financial and project information is secure both behind your firewall and in the cloud.
Powerful user management
Use role-based security access to easily control who can view project information, ensuring the right information gets to the right people.
Security and
Built on Microsoft's industry-leading cloud services platform, Microsoft© Windows Azure™, Sage Construction Anywhere leverages state-of-the-art data center technology.
Project maps
Gain efficiencies with map functionality that allows access to job site addresses, directions, and related project reports.
Simple to set up,
simple to use
An easy-to-use interface allows the field to be productive right away and without training. Make a seamless transition to a solution that protects your current investment and infrastructure.

Project Reports
Project Files
Sage Construction Anywhere Overview

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Sage 100 ERP Reaches the Cloud

Sage 100 ERP Online FAQ's  [DOWNLOAD]

Keep your eye in the sky because Sage 100 ERP Online is currently scheduled to be released the fourth week of November. This release will provide small businesses the ability to get up and running quickly while still getting many of the known strengths of the on-premise Sage 100 ERP product line. Can you use your existing customized reports or create new reports within Sage 100 ERP Online? Certainly. Your customized reports are supported within the Sage 100 ERP Online environment. 

Included is a powerful suite of modules ranging from financial and accounting, business intelligence, reporting, and operations, to distribution and light assembly. With the benefits of the cloud, this solution is ideal for an organization with a workforce spread across multiple locations, enabling mobile flexibility, and the ability to centralize key functions like accounting and operations on a standardized back-office solution. Your Sage 100 ERP Online system and corporate data are kept secure with hosting and management in an extremely secure data center with high levels of redundancy, backup, and monitoring. 

Sage 100 ERP Online enables you to get your system up and running quickly with affordable monthly payments for the system which includes backup services, access to the Knowledgebase, and basic support. Call CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998 for more details.

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New Comprehensive and Industry-Specific Databases Help You Make the Most of Sage Estimating


All too often, users of Sage Estimating decide to make the investment in Estimating - but choose to tackle the task of building a database on their own. Unfortunately, many times these decisions may result in the Estimating product being underutilized.

Have you ever felt your Estimating processes could be improved or your company is missing opportunities to bid more work? If so, here’s some good news!Sage Construction and Real Estate is proud to make available a new suite of databases. Databases offered are:

  • Advanced Assembly Composite Database
  • Advanced Assembly Concrete/Masonry Database
  • Advanced Assembly Commercial Database
  • Advanced Assembly Residential Database
  • Advanced Assembly Site Work Database
  • Advanced Assembly Starter Database

Developed to get your team up and running quickly, these databases are a welcome addition to the current database offerings.

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